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H&M, our favorite high-goes-low store has been in the new recently. Here’s some snippets from a few postings online at the British site Fashionunited.co.uk (sign up for their brilliant newsletters!).

Launches new line—Harmony.Swedish fashion chain Hennes & Mauritz has introduced Harmony, a new one-off collection for women which will launch in September. The collection will feature soft, body-skimming, feminine pieces that easily transcend the separation between evening, homewear and athletic wear. H&M wants to show women how to mix and match to carry over from day to evening and back again. The accent is on comfort and a personalized style.

TBF Note: Prices ranging from 7.90-14.90 pounds. I’m not sure if the line will be available stateside.

Going High end. Swedish fashion chain Hennes & Mauritz is going to launch a new retail formula for men and women next year. The new chain, which will have a brand new name, is geared towards a higher market segment and will carry higher-priced items….

Labor Issues. The Mail reported that H&M employees in Germany went on TV claiming that the firm bullies union activists, threatens staff who criticise it and spies on its workers. One woman said “like many of my colleagues, I was told to put in a daily report on peoples phone conversations or chats in the office, all under threat of dismissal if I did not cooperate”….

TBF Note: Now I would like see to those who crucified me for shopping at Wal-Mart stop shopping at H&M. All major retailers are culprits in one way or another.

Marketers think Madonna’s too old to be the face of H&M. Madonna has hit back at claims she is too old to represent fashion chain store H&M. Her spokesperson insists the 47-year-old has more energy than an 18-year-old… , plus.. Madonna has confirmed she and her dancers will wear H&M off-stage for the remainder of her sold-out tour “Confessions” world tour.

TBF Note: Madonna has more style in her left pinky toe than all the Hollywood starlets (and their stylists) combined

Searching for Counterfeiters. Hennes & Mauritz have enlisted the services of MarkMonitor, the leader in online corporate identity protection to help identify and eliminate online counterfeit and gray market sales of its fashion lines on illegal Internet auction listings…

TBF Note: Exactly how cheap do you have to be to buy a counterfeit H&M product.

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    H&m did have a plus size line- I believe it was called BiBB or something like that. But it didn’t sale very well (especially in cities like NYC), partially because they did nothing to promote it and partially because they felt it “brought down the brand”.

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