H&M Fall 2012 Preview: Big Bold Style On A Budget

Summer’s only just begun (well, not even, technically) but fall fashion is everywhere – this time, the H&M fall 2012 preview sneak peek brings us yet another glimpse of what we might be coveting later this year. Apparently, for H&M that means a heavy dose of all things edgy and glam – leather, luxe textures, chunky sweaters, big dramatic silouettes and bold be-jeweling on just about everything, in a color palette heavy on black, browns and golds, with a little deep green and moody blue for good measure. One fun surprise? Watercolor patterns, which we usually think of as reserved for spring and summer frocks.

Sooo, while lots of the pieces are gasp-worthy, they’re not all going to be every-day wearable (we know it’s hard to imagine, but black and gold glitter prints don’t necessarily meet some workplace dress codes) — but since H&M prices are usually eminently affordable, it couldn’t hurt to pick one really stand out signature piece and just rock it.


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