High Vs. Low: The Little Plaid Jacket

chloe plaid jacket

The Challenge: Plaid jackets are a smart choice for fall, especially with fresh colors and current details. Either of these would be a great addition to the season’s wardrobe; one will leave you with money left over for lunch, the other will have you hocking your grandmother’s good silver. So, you tell us – which is which?

The Lowdown:  For $78.00, you can snap up the first look, a Live A Little number available at Nordstrom. The top look is Chloe and can be had for just a little more green – priced at $2,270, to be exact, at Neiman Marcus.

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  1. Michele says

    The first one is the inexpensive one because the seams don’t line up. A tip from my mother. I know it’s harder to line up seams on a jacket but if you’re going to pay over $2K for a jacket, EVERY seam better match up! It’s easier to match up on skirts and pants. Can’t beat plaid in classic colors like the ones above. They’ll never go out of style!

  2. says

    My guess, without reading ahead, the little grey jacket is the cheaper one.  It’s fitted and looks great, but there is a shortage of fabric at every opportunity – the fabric is thin, the sleeves are shorter, there is no collar, and a fitted jacket uses less fabric than a baggy one.  And those are cheap buttons. 

    The brown dowdy sack-like jacket is loaded with too much fabric, around the waist, at the end of the sleeve, and that collar, hideous, but proof that you can afford thick fabric and lots of it.

  3. says

    I don’t know which is which, but I like the gray one on the left a lot better in terms of both color and style.  The sleeve length looks a bit awkward on the model, though.  Overall, it is a trend that I wouldn’t mind buying into.

  4. Julia says

    Wow-I almost always get these right, but today I guessed wrong!! 😛 The grey one just looked like it fit so much better . . .

  5. Jeanine says

    I bought two “Live a Little” cute short summer jackets on sale ($22 each) at Nordstrom’s about six weeks ago – a black one and a sort of pale pink/dusty rose one, and I absolutely adore them! So I was very happy, but not at all surprised, to see the great price and color/shape of the jacket on the left!

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