High Vs. Low: The Cami

cami 2

There are some things that you just shouldn’t pay more for, and the cami is one of them. Pictured here we have two versions: both look as if they would sufficiently fulfill their camisole duties, but while one is a reasonable wardrobe basic we wouldn’t think twice about picking up, the other carries an anything-but-basic pricetag. So, which is which?

On the left, the cami with the sky-high price, an Armani Collezioni piece for $250 at Saks. For that price, you could pick up more than a dozen of our budget version, by Jockey, $18 at Macy’s.

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  1. dutchsinginggirl says

    I love these “high-vs-low” posts! Personally, I go even lower on camis – I usually buy them for $5.90 or so at H&M;- different colors and styles, they last for years, and they fit me (and my budget) well.

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