High Vs. Low: The Metallic Tote

metallic tote 2
Handbags are actually an area it’s not a cardinal sin to splurge on—after all a good quality, classically styled handbag can last for years. Still, we’re thinking the metallic tote might be more fad than forever, so if you’re going to pick one up, don’t spend a fortune. Here, we’ve done a little comparison shopping. One tote will cost you the rent for a month (or two), and the other is more like a decent dinner out. So which is which?

To the left, the rent-buster, a Prada bag for $1,650 at Bergdorf Goodman; to the right, the deal from Forever21, just $28.

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  1. Deva says

    I have been looking for a brillant grey handbag EVERYWHERE! Of course I don’t want to break the BANK either…I say if you can afford anything PRADA then go for it, but I know that I can’t go that far. lol

  2. MizHalsegan says

    dang, I never get these hi/low quizzes right! Both these bags look pretty good, and I agree, is probably a fad, so I’d go the less-expensive route.

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