High vs. Low: The Track Jacket

Velour track jackets have become a wardrobe staple of sorts—at least we see them everywhere, whether we actually wear them or not. It’s such a simple and casual item that it’s hard to believe that any of them come with a high-end price-tag, but, of course, they do. Here, well—you know the drill. One is within the realm of a sane purchase, the other is way more dough than a little piece of velour, however cute, should fetch. So which is which?

The pink version is our budget pick, on sale at Macy’s right now for a mere $9.80. The lavender number is Juicy Couture—94 bucks at eLuxury.

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  1. says

    Velour tracksuits are STAPLES now? And I was just holding my breath until everyone came to their senses about this flash-in-the-pan trend (brilliant marketing by Juicy Couture, BTW).

  2. disneycouture. says

    i definatley love juicy couture
    they have amazing clothing and i can definatley tell the difference between the tracksuits.
    juicy couture!

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