High vs. Low: The Cut-Out One Piece

Don’t worry, bikinis will always be in style, but this summer the cut-out one piece swimsuit has come out of hiding and is making quite a splash! We want to take a vacation from always sporting bikinis and embrace the one-piece this year. Seriously, what better way to stand out amidst a sea of two-pieces? So if you’ve shied away from wearing a one-piece because it reminded you of your grandmother’s drab maillot, we urge you to try on this season’s super sexy and chic cut-outs. But do remember to slather on plenty of sunscreen or risk getting some truly funky tan lines. Now check out these high and low options and see if you don’t fall in love. So, which is which?

On the left: the Ombre one-piece monokini in purple, $45, available at victoriassecret.com. On the right: the Starlet one-piece from Vitamin A in silver, $192.95, available at mollybrownsswimwear.com.

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  1. sunshinestyles says

    They both look great, and I like how they hide the tummy area and are still sexy. 
    HOWEVER, I would never wear one because for me the main reason to be at the pool or beach is to get a tan, and I wouldn’t want those crazy tan lines.

  2. lapristine says

    I prefer the Molly Brown one—the gold contrast on the beautiful white piece is really nice. I haven’t really gotten into the ombre trend anyway.

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