High vs. Low: The Cropped Jacket


We’re suggesting the cropped jacket as another transition piece when the weather is cooling down. It won’t be summer anymore, and yet the autumn leaves haven’t yet coated the ground, so an easy option is to just throw on a cropped jacket when you need that extra layer of clothing. We’ve seen versions with one button or three, with short and long sleeves, but we’ve settled on these two as our favorites. But since we don’t wish to break the bank for any trend, we’ve opted for the lower priced version. So, which is which?

On the left: A.B.S. white colorblocked cotton swing jacket, $144.99 (but regular retail $285!) at Bluefly.com.

On the right: City Style Ballet Neck Jacket, NY and Company, currently $17.98.

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  1. bellechic27 says

    I love this cropped jacket look!  I bought one last season with a great floral black print on a cream background and I have my eye on another one that is a mustard color…such a great alternative to a denim jacket that was big about 5-7 years ago…but these you can wear with jeans!  Yeah for fall!

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