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  1. sarai says

    The great thing about Bare Necessities is that they frequently have very, very cheap bras.  I’ve been very pleased buying from them for the past several years.

  2. abk_8011 says

    As a woman of bustier proportions, I’d love to see a High v. Low: bras with big cup sizes.
    I am a 36-38DD and I spend a small fortune on bras. It is worth it, for the attributes you listed above- lifting, seperating, etc. as well as not leaving marks on my shoulders, not creating back fat bulges or not looking like an old lady bra. But again, doesn’t leave much money to spend on other items.

  3. Azale says

    In Canada we have a store called La Senza. They have pretty nice affordable bras. They aren’t fancy, but they are really cheap!
    Sometimes they have bucket sales and its only $8 a bra!

  4. eggplant says

    Consumer Reports just did a comparison with high end, mid price and low price bras. I think the cheap Jockey bra turned out to be better quality then the Vicoria’s Secret mid priced one. I have felt that Victoria Secrets spends all their dough on ads and none on quality. Also they do not print their catalogs on recycled paper. I have called four times asking them not to send their unenvironmental catalog. They always promise not to-but they keep mailing it! Tree killers!

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