High Vs. Low: The Bow Clutch

satin bow clutch
The bow clutch is hot right now, and we wouldn’t mind carrying either of these luxe black satin options—one, however, is more indulgence than our budget can bear, while we might just take the other home for the holidays as a tiny splurge we can live with.

So, which is which?


The one on the right is from Nine West, retailing for a relatively painless $39, while the clutch on the left, at $750 from Bergdorf Goodman, hurts just to think about.

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  1. Fashion Fetish says

    I love it! It’s luxurious and classy. They look practically the same, though… Except the more expensive one is a bit shinier.

  2. Amz in Heelz says

    Honestly, I thought the Nine West clutch was the splurge. It looks smaller, well made, sophisticated. I don’t really care for the bow on the Bergdorf bag.

    Ah, see, it only goes to show…

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