High vs. Low: Sunless Tanner

Summer’s finally here and your pale, pasty skin makes you look like a ghost rather than a goddess. Oh, and the fact that sun exposure leads to skin cancer and premature aging isn’t exactly encouraging you to run outside and lie under those scorching rays. So what’s a pasty young thing to do? Become fast friends with the sunless tanner!

      There are so many options in the sunless tanning department that it might very well make your head spin. So, let’s just stick to the popular high and low ones, shall we? The low option –  L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Sunless Tanner Gelee Cream ( $9.49 at walgreens.com). a quick-drying gel-cream that leaves skin feeling smooth and soft. The high option – Dior Bronze Self-Tanner in Natural Glow ($31.00 at sephora.com), a tinted gel-cream that gives you a bronze glow in about an hour. They both get the job done, so why pay three times as much?

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