High vs. Low: Python Print Bag

Due to budget considerations, we find ourselves decked head to toe in simple basics more than we care to admit these days. So how do we get through the day without feeling like we’ve lost our fashionista mojo? Two words: Python. Handbag.

Paying for real python, of course, would mean that we’d have to go naked while carrying it (and trust us, no one wants that), so we’re going for a budget-friendly print. Which begs the question, do you HAVE to spend a fortune to get a head-turning handbag? We think not — but you be the judge. Pictured here: one budget bag that won’t break the bank, and one pricey piece that would wipe out our winter style budget in one fell swoop.

So which is which? Answer after the jump …

Top: La Diva Python Print Frame Satchel, $87.50

Bottom: Rebecca Minkoff MAB Mini-Satchel, $446.74-$550

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