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  1. mel_656 says

    There’s a reason why L’Oreal’s HIP Eyeshadow is half the price of MAC’s – It’s half as good. It is definitely not as heavily pigmented as Mac, neither is it comparable; especially on darker skinned women. If you must use drugstore brands, I would recommend Lumene or Rimmel Eyeshadows over L’Oreal’s HIP. Just because its name includes high pigments doesn’t mean it is. It doesn’t even seem as though the recommender has used the product!

  2. abk_8011 says

    I love MAC. Some might say I’m an addict. The great thing about MAC is you can go in and try on all the shades of everything before buying. Plus the shadows stay on forever and never crease. I’ve woken up the next morning and had picture-perfect eyemakeup on.

    I’ve thought about getting the HIP shadows… but I like the try-before-you-buy aspect of MAC. I think the best thing to do is make a friend that works at MAC and use her discount.

  3. DelilahPearl says

    You found my beauty secret!!! I am a huge fan of mixing products. While I love MAC., it can get a bit pricey. HIP products are great. So many times, people ask if I got the color at MAC and I say yes! I get my staple products from MAC like the primer and base but when I want to play with a funky color I use HIP. The key is to know look at the undertone of the product to determine what will look best with your complexion. My complexion is light brown and most of the colors work well for me. Plus I only get HIP when it’s on sale at Ulta (2 for 1) or at the drugstore, that way I’m not devastated if a color doesn’t work or I just combine the color to make a whole new shade!

  4. eggplant says

    I read on the “Real Simple” website that more expensive eyeshadows are more finely milled. This is why they last longer. It seems to be true. I tried a cheap eyeshadow from the drugstore (can’t remember what brand) and it seemed to last for about a half hour. MAC lasts all day. Sephora=in between the aforementioned two eyeshadows.

  5. eggplant says

    I would like to add to my previous comments regarding eyeshadows. The drugstore brand was Almay. I tried the Sephora brand for a second time yesterday.(the giraffe palette=$26). It lasts about an hour and is very faint upon application. I am so disappointed in the Sephora palette that I am going to try to return it this weekend.

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