High vs. Low: Elegant End Tables

pulaski-end-table.jpgikea end table

I saw an end table like the one from Pulaski Furniture ($549) (pictured top) in Better Homes and Gardens. Of course, the one in BHG was found at an antique store in the Hampton’s—not really my scene. Or, it would be my scene if I didn’t live in Iowa and weren’t poor. So, I searched garage sales and antique stores for the better part of the summer but no dice. I almost gave up until I went to a friend’s house two weeks ago and saw she had a similar end table from IKEA only $19.99 (above bottom).


I love the spindle and the gentle curve of the legs. It is very elegant and space-efficient. It will work well in my older home and would also add some warm curves in a room with modern lines. And it is perfect for my spatially-challenged bedroom. The Pulaski table is more elegant, but the IKEA one holds up fine; my friend has had it in her apartment for a year and it’s still going strong.  Plus, it’s very versatile and you can paint it guilt-free—something you can’t do with an antique from the Hampton’s.

I would love to get another one for my guest room and paint it black an place a black and while toile pattern on the top.


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