High vs. Low: Distressed Denim

How can a torn, mutilated and destroyed pair of jeans cost as much as (and sometimes more than) its intact cousin? Wouldn’t it make sense if they cost less considering they look like your dog has had a go at them? Manufacturers justify the price of distressed denim due to the time and work that goes into perfecting that “distressed” look. Ok, we get it, but we still don’t want to shell out a lot of dough for them – it just doesn’t feel right. That’s why we used our budget fashionista sleuthing skills to find a high and low pair to compare. Check them out! We bet you can’t tell which is which…

On the left is the Hollister Venice Boot Cut distressed denim jean, $59.50, available at hollisterco.com. On the right is the True Religion “Johnny” Cowgirl Destroyed distressed denim jean, $284.00, available at truereligionbrandjeans.com.

P.S. Don’t forget that you can always take an old pair of jeans and proceed to cut, tear and transform them into your own version of distressed denim.