High vs. Low: Color Sunglasses


We can all pretty much agree that summer is the perfect season to put some color into your wardrobe. After all, there’s plenty of time in the autumn and winter months to adopt a much more drab color palette. One of the best ways to add color to your look without channeling Rainbow Brite is with accessories. A brightly colored handbag or shoe can add pizzazz to your look without going overboard. It’s especially great if you are afraid of color, and want to maintain a simpler look, but still want a hint of a bold hue. So, if you’re a little color shy, we suggest starting out with colorful accessories. Besides handbags and shoes, try wearing bright jewelry, or better yet, sunglasses! Color sunglasses are a hot trend right now, and we think that they’re just perfect for the fashionista who loves statement accessories. Because, let’s be honest, sometimes you just gotta stand out from the sea of dark black sunglasses. So, which is which?

On the right: Louis Vuitton “Gina” sunglasses in turquoise, $530, available at louisvuitton.com. On the left: Fossil’s “Georgia” sunglasses in aqua, $44, available at fossil.com.

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  1. Wearit.com says

    Sunglasses are also a great investment.  They’re relatively inexpensive and can be brought back into your wardrobe whenever the trend resurfaces.  Plus sunglasses only get better with age because the ‘vintage’ look is always in.

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