High Vs. Low: Animal Print Flats

Some items are worth paying investment-portfolio prices (classic leather handbags, trench coats, etc.) but trendy seasonal items like, say, animal print flats? Uh-uh. And if you’ve been reading us long enough, you know you just don’t have to. But, always up for a challenge, let’s put that theory to the test – we’ve picked a high-end flat (which will run us something in the neighborhood of a car payment) and a budget version which will allow us to be super cute (our favorite thing) while remaining fiscally solvent (oh wait, THAT’S our favorite thing.

Can you tell which is which? Answer after the jump …

Answer: The first flat is the low-priced version, the Volatile Women’s Jodie Flat, on sale $24.72, Endless.com — meaning the second is the more pricey version, Donald J Pliner Hywei Ballet Flats, $215, also at Endless.com.

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