Herbal Decor: Entertaining on a Budget

Summer entertaining is all about fresh, bright and flavorful ingredients that come together easily and quickly. Why not take that same philosophy and use it for your table decor?

Use live plants as the table centerpieces to give your table a fresh look and add interest to the place settings. Just take a solid-colored table cloth (tip: use a white flat sheet if you don’t have a white table cloth & just make sure it’s clean!) and then line up three or four plants (depending on the length of your table) along the center. Make sure the plants are all around the same height and planted in the same color or style of pots for a clean, uniform look.

You can also take this a step further and pick off some fresh herb leaves and scatter them on the table, tie them up with string and use them as napkin ring accents, or even lay a spring of herb on each place setting. For extra fun, have your guests identify which herb is at their place setting and see who knows their herbs!

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