Herb Keeper: Budget Gardening Tip

We love growing fresh herbs to use in baking and cooking. Problem is, once they’re harvested, there’s no good way to store them without them quickly turning brown and wilting. The air-tight Herb Keeper ($12.99) from Chefs can hold up to three bunches of fresh herbs in its clear acrylic cylinder. Just add water to the lower reservoir and your herbs will stay fresh for up to three weeks. It works great for asparagus stalks, too.

Fresh herbs are a great way to add a burst of flavor to chicken, fish or even salads or pastas. Sprinkle some chopped basil and oregano on top of pasta, or season chicken breasts with rosemary and a little lemon juice. Remember, fresh herbs arenâ’t as potent as dried – when using in recipes, add about ½ tablespoon extra of fresh herbs to flavor.

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