Headbands: Beauty Trend 2008

What: Reveal your inner Gossip Girl by slipping on one of the season’s hottest accessories the headband.

What the experts say: Not only do headbands provide instant style as well as help show off your fabulous face, they’re the perfect weapon against finicky follicles, says InStyle.com: “A headband is your best friend if you have dirty hair, because it hides greasy roots,” says Prive Salon owner and celebrity stylist Laurent Dufourg.

What we say: Whether your hair is short, long, thick or thin, headbands can be a chic and budget-conscious way to update your look. And, with so many styles to choose from, you should have no problem finding ones that suit your inner fashionista. For you more conservative types, you can’t go wrong with a classic skinny metal mesh band at WetSeal.com for $4 or a tortoiseshell one for $7. But, if you’re looking to turn heads, everything from sequined bands to wide turban-style headbands are yours for the taking at HairBoutique.com. An even more budget-conscious alternative is to simply take a piece of ribbon or fabric that’s long enough to fit around your head, and tie it underneath your hair. By spritzing a headband with hairspray before donning will give it some stick to stay put in your hair.

Photo: Essence.com

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