I love hats and boy, do I need them in summer. You may be thinking this sounds weird since, obviously I’d need a warm hat more in the winter months of Chicago but don’t forget—pigmentation, my friends! Exposing yourself even with 1,789 so-called SPF, your face is still at risk for splotchy pigmentation problems, so hats off to hats! They’re oh-so-fabulous! AND–they save your skin.

In hopes of understanding which hat is best for all, I consulted with one of the top internationally renowned hat milliners there is: Loreta Corsetti (seen in the image above). Here’s her advice:

Hat Tips for Different Face Shapes!

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4. Oval Shaped Faces

"Good news, you can wear almost anything depending on personal taste! A shorter hairstyle or bob will look fantastic with any hat but if you have long hair and are wearing a smaller hat, pull it into a low bun otherwise  hair worn down will corrupt the line of the hat . The eye should always travel upward to the face. Brim widths should be chosen with care and with your height and shape in mind. It is a myth that a more petite woman should stay away from a wide brim. It depends more on your personality and whether you can carry it off."

Do you have any hat advice and tips to share? Do tell!