Hats Off to Summer: Advice from the Pro!

I love hats and boy, do I need them in summer. You may be thinking this sounds weird since, obviously I’d need a warm hat more in the winter months of Chicago but don’t forget—pigmentation, my friends! Exposing yourself even with 1,789 so-called SPF, your face is still at risk for splotchy pigmentation problems, so hats off to hats! They’re oh-so-fabulous! AND–they save your skin.

In hopes of understanding which hat is best for all, I consulted with one of the top internationally renowned hat milliners there is: Loreta Corsetti (seen in the image above). Here’s her advice:

Hat Tips for Different Face Shapes!

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1. Round Shaped Faces

"Look for a slightly higher crown and a medium width brim (about 4 inches shy of your shoulder width in diameter) and grab a hat you can wear at a slight angle or that has an up sweep on one side of the brim. The trilby or fedora are also good choices.

Do you have any hat advice and tips to share? Do tell!