Harajuku Lovers Fragrances: Product Review

What: Angela gives Gwen Stefani’s five—count ‘em, five—new Harajuku Lovers fragrances a spritz.

The Lowdown: Oh, dear dear Gwen—while there are many many many other celebs that I would just consider over-the-top for releasing five separate fragrances—in bottles topped by plastic, anime-inspired “dolls” no less—your particular brand of over-the-topness just somehow makes sense. So five fragrances it is—each bestowed with it’s very own doll and very own personality: “Love” (a “sensual floral” for the “super cute and frilly”); “Lil Angel” (a “fruity floral” for the “sassy and sexy”); “Music” (a “delicate floral” for the girl that’s “tough, with an attitude!”); “Baby” (a “powdery musk” for the “girlie and sweet”); and “G” (dubbed a “modern gourmand” for the “leader of the pack”).

What We Say: Yup, that’s a lot of information, so let me just break it down: they all, in their own special way, rock. While there are some I wouldn’t wear, it’s not because they didn’t smell great, they just weren’t me. And that’s what I love about the five-fragrance offering—one of them was me. Totally me (it’s “G”, with coconut, jasmine, and cotton woods, just for the record). And with the range of scents (each of which, quite frankly, makes perfect sense in conjunction with it’s designated “personality”) there’s a good chance that one is totally you, as well. And while at first the cutesy bottle had me slightly perplexed, I realized that, you know what? Why does my cosmetics collection have to be so serious? Lifting that little Gwen doll off the top each morning for my daily spritz makes me smile, even before the coffee. I want to be Gwen-fab, darn it. And what’s wrong with that?

Yea or Nay: Yea. Even at $45 for a 1 oz. spray, it’s a worthy splurge, and unlike many fragrances that carry an equal (or much higher) pricetag, the scent actually sticks around for the long haul.

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