Happy Birthday To Me!!

I’m not one of those people who shy away from celebrating their birthdays. I think we all should celebrate the fact that we’re alive, healthy, and rich enough to have computers (or lucky enough to live near a library that has computers) to read blogs like TBF. In fact, I such a fan of birthdays, that I even like helping other people celebrate their birthdays.

However, a strange this happen on the way to old age. I stop wanting presents.  Not that I don’t appreciate the things that are given to me (silver Nanos aside). It’s just that I stop WANTING material things.

My brother and I use to joke with my mom about how she would ask for the simplest things for her birthday and mother’s day ( I distinctly remember her asking for tissue- yes tissue, one year).  I never understood my mom’s choices in gifts, until I turned 30.  Is it as we get older our material needs become less and less? Or is it because we have everything we want?  Or is it that after years and years of glittering sweaters and books you’ll never read, you would rather not add any new members to the junk branch of your family?

Note: There’s one thing that I usually do and that is purchase myself something I’ve really wanted all year and I think this year I want to give other people opportunities. Not that I’m all extra mushy ( I am ), but why not give someone else the opportunity to achieve as well.