How to Wear Colored Tights and…. Stop…It’s Hammer time!

This video of D&G’s Spring/Summer 2007 collection is the perfect visual primer on how to wear brightly colored tights….

Also for those of you who miss the days when MC Hammer and “Hammer Time” ruled the hip-pop scene, the typewriter pants (aka “dookie pants”) are now back for the Spring. Rejoice in their return.

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  1. Maddie says

    OMG!, I hadn’t seen those since I was like 9 years old and a friend and I would play dress-up in her mom’s boutique “after-season leftovers”. We rolled down the floor laughing every time, now I wouldn’t have the face to wear these … ever … again.

  2. debbie says

    hi, i am looking for a sass&bide denim thompson jacket light blue jacket MADE IN AUSTRALIA.PLEASE PLEASE.DEBBIE

  3. fashionXahead says

    Wow.. I love the zebra prints! Its not tacky, but it is wild an different. I’ve been wearing tights since beggining of ‘05 and love them. Granted, I don’t wear them all that often anymore, but I do love them.
    Good job D&G!

  4. Miss KC says

    *Runs away screaming* And people literally stopped their cars in the street to point and laugh at me when I was wearing huge bell-bottoms in ‘94 (not cool yet, you see,) and THIS passes for “hot” fashion? OMG, anything but hammertime, sister…and I thought the leggings and skinny leg jeans were enough of an eyesore! :S Y’know, I’m not fond of really blue eyeshadow caked gratuitously over an eyelid – is that coming back as a trend, too? 😉 Perhaps those huge Elizabethan collars, aka a “ruff” – does anyone want to wear a 4ft diameter starched collar? Men in tights? Knickers? NOOOOOO!

    But, OK…let’s see what I can fit into from my 11-13 year old girl collection of monstrosities (ah, none of it really, as I’m a size 6 now which is actually too small for my old teeny-bopper clothes, eep.) :S Ah, my “hammertime” pants…and look, what’s this? Could it be black skinny leg jeans with a flourescent green zip in the back? Hey…a flourescent Panama Jack shirt…and is that REALLY what I think it is? OMG, some hot pink leggings from fourth grade – that’s real vintage! Yeah, looks like I really knew how to dress when I was 12. 😉 Oh me oh my…time to have a yard sale – apparently my vintage stuff is hot hot hot…well, if you are under eighteen or legally blind (or both,) ha ha.

    The tailored look sounds good for me, heh heh…won’t catch me dead in any of this stuff! 😀 Anyone else feel like they are having really bad nightmarish flashbacks of their childhood? And anyone old enough to remember, did you really ever think that it would be Hammertime again? 1990 (hammertime,) was a really bad year for pants. 😉

  5. says

    Now you guys understand why I spend most of fashion week laughing.. I do remember having a pair of these pants back in “da day”.. but really….

    I hope MC Hammer gets a cut of every pair sold

  6. says

    I LOVE the new colored tights that everyone is wearing! I think its about time someone brought them back and D&G are just the two to do it well! I am so tired of basic black and READY for vibrant colors. The best place to steal those runway looks at a steal of a price is They have over 45 different colors of them including neon colors. I dont think you can go wrong! I am DEFINATELY going to try and reproduce some of these sexy looks!

  7. Jodi says

    I like the bold colors, however the colored tigts would look much better on my 11 year old daughter. LOL I do like the handbands.

  8. Jodi says

    I like the bold colors, however the colored tights would look much better on my 11 year old daughter. LOL I do like the handbands.

  9. Karina says

    Geez, I still have two pairs of raspberry pink tights from 1990’s.  The plaits are coming back too.  I want a tartan school skirt.

  10. Linda says

    Uhm. I worse those tighs when I was 5,6 and at 8 I had enough brain to refuse to wear them. I didn’t make a fashion mistake then, I don’t see why I’d make it now at 17.

    And MC Hammer pants? Haha wow, fashion is going downwords. I feel like they’re testing how much of their dignity are people willing to lose just to be fashionable.

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