10 Ways to Throw a Halloween Party for Less

Homemade Halloween: Provide candy and a guest chart. All costumes must be homemade and cannot consist of anything store-bought. Guests vote whose was the most creative.

Masking-Tape Costume:

Duct Tape Costume

Taken from prom competitions around the world, tell friends that their costumes must be made of masking tape.

5-Piece Costume: For this theme, items may be bought, but you can only have five pieces total to your outfit.

Dollar Store Halloween: Visit your local dollar store and buy candy, decorations and gag toys to drop around the house.

Swap It:

Swap It Costumes

Tell your friends to bring one costume in a bag. When all guests arrive, pick numbers. One by one, guests select a bag and reveal their costume for the night.

Ghosts: Save plastic milk jugs and use a Sharpie to draw ghoulish faces. Prop a mini-flashlight inside each one for a glowing effect.

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