Halle Berry Launches Fragrance at Wal-Mart

What: Although there hasn’t been much – if any – buzz about it, Halle Berry’s new fragrance Pure Orchid is now exclusively available at Wal-Mart for just $16. Notes include jungle cactus flower, lemon, and blackberry.

What Walmart.com Says:

Beauty blooms within. A seductive, sensual experience awaits you with Halle Pure Orchid, the floral, woody fragrance from Halle Berry.

What We Say: We’ve just about had it with the oversaturated market of celeb fragrances, and frankly we can’t keep them straight anymore. The only thing we find appealing about Pure Orchid is its very affordable price tag. Though, the combo of scents seem a bit more inspired than its competition, like Reese Witherspoon’s yawn-worthy In Bloom. Will you be smelling like Halle Pure Orchid soon?