Hairspray Jewelry Available at Kitson

What: Jewelry inspired by the movie Hairspray now available at Kitson (obviously) for $19.95.
What the Fashion heads say: From The Bag Lady: However, the tacky, kitsch and slighty (sic) weird is kind of what Hairspray was all about, and I’m especially digging the idea of a ‘bouffant wig’ pendant necklace .

What I say: The “bouffant wig pendant” (actually called the Round Wig Pendant at Kitson) is adorable in a kitschy way. Years after the movie has come and gone it will still be wearable as a tiny pop art piece. The rest of the jewelry features actual photos of…I almost wrote “the cast” but Zac Efron is oddly the only one that gets that honor. Those are best to be avoided by all but the most ardent High School Musical fans.


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