Top Hair Trends for Going Out

3. Half Up Half Down

Half Up Half DownSource:

Wearing your hair this way may seem like it’s been done before, but a classic hairstyle is never a bad thing. For a little added style for your fun night, give the top half of your hair a little bump by pushing it forward slightly after gathering it back. Secure with a pretty barrette, bobby pins, and plenty of shine spray (are you sensing a pattern? We love shine spray.)

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  1. Irene Bradford says

    I recently discovered your blog and I LOVE it! I am growing out my bangs and
    am having trouble finding cute ways to do my hair. Any cute styles? I’m
    Sure other readers are going though this too! Thank you!

  2. says

    Great piece and good instructions. When I saw this come across my Google reader I knew I had to check out and the mentioning of YouTube videos was really helpful too. Thanks so much!

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