TBF Beauty Newsletter:  Hook Up Your Do: Hair Care and Repair

It shouldn’t be hard to understand why women get depressed or suffer from a lack of confidence on bad hair days. Whether it’s rainy day frizz, a dandruff-covered dry scalp or a jacked up weave, bad hair give others the impression that those who possess it are either clueless or just don’t have control over their lives. A shallow, completely visual observation? Definitely, but hey, we live in an appearance-obsessed society and we’re certainly not more immune to its pressures than anyone else. It can be tempting to head to the nearest salon or beauty supply shop armed with a wad of cash or credit cards or buy every product where a model on the label has gorgeous, lustrous hair, but don’t do it. While we have yet to find a magic pill to solve all of our hair dilemmas, we have found the next best things, and they won’t even break the bank. After all, they’re just vitamins, garlic and Jell-O.

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  1. Maureen says

    I love Queen Helene products. I have used the conditioner and love it but it had a tendency to clog the shower in my house.

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