Finding the Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

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Bangs can give you a totally new look. They can make your eyes stand out, add proportion to your face, and give you a mini-makeover in a matter of minutes. However, all bangs are not created equal. Wearing the perfect bang is a matter of knowing your face shape—and a few makeup tricks won’t hurt either ;).

The Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

Square Face

Square Face

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If your face is shaped like Nicole Richie’s, you’ll look best with a bang that is longer in the middle and tapered on the sides. This slightly-round bang shape will compliment your “square” countenance well, and even make your cheekbones a little higher. A dab of pink blush will bring more attention to your cheeks, and slightly heavy eyeliner will bring balance to your new look.

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    This is great! We did a post not too long ago about the right hair cut/color for your face shape/skin tone (, and this adds a little touch that ours was missing.

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