Guide to Spring 2006 Fashions


I think I’ve lost my fashion mojo.

It’s really difficult to feel inspired by a $1500 pair of khaki shorts, when there’s so much going on in the world. It’s even more difficult to feel inspired, when you over hear celebrities saying truly stupid comments like “(Hurricane) Katrina has really impacted me. Like, I decided to wait to buy another Paddington bag (retail value: $1500 plus).”  After a week of hearing comments like the one above, you now understand why my fashion mojo is as low as George Bush’s Post-Katrina approval ratings.

My wounded fashion mojo aside, I did learn two things during New York’s Spring 2006 Fashion Week: fashion editors can survive anything—merges, resignations, and falling lights—and most (not all) celebrities are really stupid people with no sense of self. I know it sounds judgmental, but it’s true. I mean, Kelly Osbourne (yep, Ozzie and Sharon’s little girl) keeping a straight face, while calling herself a “designer”. Nicole Richie, getting tons of press for looking like an anorexic spoon. And the legendary Stevie Wonder’s wife getting tons of press for her so-so line because her husband is the legendary Stevie Wonder. It’s enough to make Coco Chanel rise from the dead.

Yet, inspite of my celeb overdose, I was able to observe some interesting trends for Spring 2006 . . .

1. Khaki “Capshorts”. I coined the term “capshorts” (slightly longer than Bermudas, but slightly shorter than capris) after seeing show after show of models wearing knee length shorts with a slight flare.  The best part about this trend is that the shorts/pants/dresses, etc were cuffed right at the knee- the most flattering length for most women.

2. Cherry Red. Cherry red is going to be everywhere next Spring. Folks will be wearing it with the knee length khaki’s above.

3. Cream. Lots and Lots of cream colored clothing on the runways. Reminded me of the color of my college dorm room walls.

4. Jersey Girls. The figure hugging fabric is back. Those of us with a extra “junk-in-our-trunk” should look for a slightly heavier versions of the fabric.

5. Trench Coats. Trench coats continue to have a strong presence on the runways. A major reason why it’s one of the ten items every women should have in her closet.

6. Muted Colors. The colors for Spring 2006 are muted and safe, sort of like the quiet guy from the comedy team “Penn and Teller”. Stock up on gray and steel blue.

7. Even Muted Metallics. Metallic are still “in” but not the bright golds and silvers of summer 2005. Think utensil steel and door knob bronze.

8. Silk and Chiffon. Lightweight materials are back.

9. Black is Still Around. Thank god.

10. Refined Girly. Well constructed, tailored looks are going to be key for next spring—a look not easily translated by stores like Forever 21, but a relative breeze for the Isaac Mizrahi for Target line. My prediction for next Spring: Budget Fashionistas will be fighting with moneyed socialites for several must-have pieces from the Mizrahi line.

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  1. Coco says


    I love trench coats, and even if they weren’t “in” I’d rock ‘em anyway.  They are so classic.  You could be wearing a pair of jeans and a simple top underneath, but throw on a trench, flats, drak glasses, and jewelry, and you’re Audrey Hepburn chic.

  2. jessica says


    What about shoes (as far as sandals)? Wedges? Cork platforms? Flats? Slides?  What should we be getting right now in preparation?

  3. char says


    “10. Refined Girly. Well constructed, tailored looks are going to be key
    for next spring- a look not easily translated by stores like Forever 21,
    but a relative breeze for the Budget Fashionistas will be fighting with
    moneyed socialites for several must-have pieces from the Mizrahi line.”

    What did you mean by the “Forever 21” comment? Did you mean that Forever
    21 doesn’t reflect well-tailored looks? Pls. explain. Thanks!

  4. Linda says


    Wondering if animal prints are in. Debating buying a classic looking pair of brown and cream zebra stripe ballet flats. SOO cute. Advice anyone? Is this a classic item?

  5. Taylor says


    Of course Forever 21 doesn’t reflect well-tailored looks.  I’m a very small girl (5’1”, 105 lbs) and those clothes don’t even fit me because they’re designed for young girls who are apprently into maintaing or getting pre-pubescent figures.  Furthermore, the quality is terrible.  A true budget fashnista looks for quality first, even if she is after a trend that is likely to be short-lived.

  6. The Budget Fashionista says


    Re: Animal prints… I’m of the school of thought that a nice pair of zebra striped ballet flats never, ever go out of style. I have a pair of black and white and wear them with black and with all red ensembles. I’m not sure about brown and white, though. I think the real question is are you actually going to wear them OR will they sit in the back of your closet for 2 years?

  7. Leah says


    In my opinion…
    Shoes: The “in” shoes for spring seem to be open toed platform shoes. As for flat sandals, think “ancient Athens”, or Grecian styles.

    Forever 21: Usually stores like forever 21 and other lower-cost, but trendy clothing brands are not tailored as well as high-end designer brands. While forever 21 may have trendy peices for those on a budget, some people may feel they are best for that—strictly trends that fly by in one season.

    Animal print shoes: why do they have to be “in” for you to purchase them? you said yourself they were classic looking. and if you think they are cute then get em. Don’t be a slave to trends…isn’t it in to be a lil “not in”? And animal prints are constantly going “in” and “out”
    so in my opinion, get em and keep em as a staple item in your wardrobe?

  8. Baby says


    Spring looks are definetly very casual to tailored, tailored shorts are really in and gem colored colours are very in for this spring. Your are definetly right about cream.. nudes were seen in almost every collection, Dior, Calvin, Chloe. And to Linda classic ballet flats with animal print can always perk up any simple esemble. BUY Them! They go great with jeans I seen a girl wearing some with jeans and a black cashmere poncho a great big bag and she looked so chic!

  9. crystal says


    Animal prints can be classy and fashionable as long as u don’t over do it. For example, you can sport the animal print ballet shoes with solid colors. Such as a black trench coat with jeans/ slacks and a simple
    Purse. Too much animal print looks chessy, tacky and gordy.

  10. SR says


    Orange will be the hottest color of this years`s summer season. White will be everywhere.Beads in all colors will rule 2006.

  11. Lacey says


    Cherry red and cream sound like something good for dessert——will these spring looks take me from the office to cocktails?

  12. Kara says


    I totally agree about Forever 21.  Most of the time, their clothes are so SKIMPY that they look trashy.  I mean, a little bit of skin is okay, but I prefer to be more classic.  Plus, for us bigger fashionistas, they only offer up to size large!  I wear an XL, and Forever 21 should realize that bigger women will not continue to shop there because of the way they make us feel when they don’t have anything in our size.

  13. Kate says



    i’ve heard that crazy shoes are in this season.  i’d work a cream or light brown top with jeans or black pants.  just make sure the top matches!  get a neutral bag in black or cream.  you’ll look fabulous!!

  14. Tiffany says


    Just wanted to say . i like your spin on fashion. No crap just the truth. I got a new job and i have to dress up every day. i work with a couple “high fashion” girls they drive me nuts… and if i ask for help from them… they treat me like a lost puppy. lol. so yea we will see how this spring goes if i pull off a nice put together look. i like the cap shorts.. for a taller person like me they suite me. ( i seen them while i was shopping the other day)

  15. pinknoodles says


    I’ve actually been looking to buy a pair of animal print (zeebra or cheetah) ballet flats, i cant seem to find a non-tacky pair online. I’ve been looking for ages please please please please help!!!

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