Guide to Fall 2005 "IT" Handbags


As the new fall season approaches quickly, the search for the most chic fall handbag is well on its way for fashion mavens worldwide.  The designer handbag is, hands down, the most sought- after accessory to finish off your personal style.  This season, major power players like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Dior are taking a back seat to up-and-coming, young designers, with price tags to match. Vintage styles are emerging and brass hardware is showing up everywhere. Our in—house bag lady, Cory, gives us the scoop on the five most “tote-worthy” bags (plus one from The Budget Fashionista) for fall that will instantly increase your style status and drain your bank account.
1. Chloe Paddington $1,310
Sold out everywhere, this brand new bag from designer Chloe is rapidly approaching Birkin Bag status with fashion’s elite. With its supple Italian calfskin and real padlock and key, this bag has become a must-have luxury good, rewarded only to the special few on at the top of the never-ending waiting list.

2. Fendi Spy $1,680-$2,500
An extravagant bag that is available in an assortment a variety of colors and fabrics variations- from classic logo and leather to crocodile skin.

3. Bulga Small Suede Hobo – $450
Follow the western trend this season with the perfect fringe bag.  Rock out in the season’s hottest shade, plum.

4. Botkier Stirrup- $660
This is the essential hold-all.  Roomy and spacious, in supple leather, makes this bag is a delightful purchase.  Great for nights out on the town or for a long day shopping around the city. 

5. Balenciaga Classique – $995
The ever- so- popular motorcycle- style bag is not giving up its place on the must-have handbag list. This bag is so cool, that it’s almost worth skipping this month’s rent payment to score it one (I said ALMOST).  The assortment of colors makes it difficult to pick just one. 

From the Budget Fashionista Jimmy Choo Ross Bag- $1450
According to Fashion Week Dailythe Jimmy Choo Ross bag is the new “It” bag. A mixture of cashmere and leather and available in blood orange, black, and purple, this bag makes me want to go out and rob a bank and at $1450 a pop, that’s exactly what I would have to do to afford the bag.   

If handing over thousands for a bag is inconceivable to you, or if you’d rather carry more money in your wallet than on your shoulder, search eBay for great deals and super savings. About Attitude and Rodeo Drive Resale are two excellent websites for designer- inspired copies of the Balenciaga, Fendi , Bulga and other “it” bags . Those on a budget will agree that these bags are just like the real deal, at a much more appealing price. 

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  1. says

    And for us college students who can’t afford 5 months worth of rent on a purse…
    Where can we find cool look-alikes of these “it” handbags to wear with our Target and New York and Company clothes??

  2. L says

    I just got a great one, by Rosetti, at Burlington Coat Factory; it reminds me of the Chloe “Paddington” bag.  Considering BCFs price was $14.99, it is surprisingly well made!  Store locations can be found at

  3. Johnequa says

    Out of all the bags you’ve shown, I am definitely feeling the Balenciaga and Chloe bags. But the prices are ridiculous for somebody like me. I’m a college student in fashion on a strict budget, so when I want to look cute and expensive without spending extra dough I don’t have, I opt for Soho as my “store”. Anyone that live in New York City or visit it frequently, knows what I’m talking about. I have both bags and spent under $50. for them each.
    Just a little tip I thought I drop. Keep up the good work.
        From one fashionista to another!!!

  4. says

    I found a site with some really cute bags that even us college girls can manage to afford. There is a huge sale going on at, where you can get designer handbags and accessories at 20% to 70% off, at their end of the season sale!!!  Hot designer bags including, Loop, Melie Bianco, Jana Feifer, Aaneta, Charm & Luck and Cuffz by Linz, just to name a few.

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