Guest Post: Top Five Guy-Accessories For Fall

The following is a guest post from our friends at See Jack Shop

Yeah, we know — “accessories” don’t sound very manly. But, unless you go all Liberace, an interesting accessory can be a great way for guys to add some personal style to those everyday basics. Skeptical? To get you started, we’ve picked five pieces we like for fall — and if you’ll keep an open mind, we’ll stop saying “accessories”.

Men's Accessories

1. Coleman Silvertone Pocket Watch, $19.99 at Target
2. Hemp Double Braid Bracelet, $8 at Urban Outfitters
3. Tubular Knit Scarf, $10.90 at 21Men

Men's Accessories

4. Glass Jaw Necklace, $18 at Urban Outfitters
5. Grace Hats Brown Tweed “Up Flap” Hunting Cap, $40 at Bluefly

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  1. Grace says

    I think that men adding accessories to their day to day outfits makes them stand out from everyone else and will make you noticed by more people. Some accessories can complete your outfit and give you that finished looked that you want.  

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