Guest Post: Top Five Guy-Accessories For Fall

The following is a guest post from our friends at See Jack Shop

Yeah, we know — “accessories” don’t sound very manly. But, unless you go all Liberace, an interesting accessory can be a great way for guys to add some personal style to those everyday basics. Skeptical? To get you started, we’ve picked five pieces we like for fall — and if you’ll keep an open mind, we’ll stop saying “accessories”.

Men's Accessories

1. Coleman Silvertone Pocket Watch, $19.99 at Target
2. Hemp Double Braid Bracelet, $8 at Urban Outfitters
3. Tubular Knit Scarf, $10.90 at 21Men

Men's Accessories

4. Glass Jaw Necklace, $18 at Urban Outfitters
5. Grace Hats Brown Tweed “Up Flap” Hunting Cap, $40 at Bluefly