Guest Post: How to Wear Chunky Scarf

The following is a guest post from our friends at See Jack Shop

Scarves are one of those things that make a lot of sense to have and wear, but at the same time are one of those things that requires you to actually know HOW to wear them. Thin scarves are bad enough, but this fall the chunky scarf is, er, big. It’s definitely a practical trend, but what to do with it? Here’s the lowdown:

Keep it balanced. Don’t go all chunky … but don’t make the chunky scarf your only heavyweight piece either. Pair it with a heavy or mid-weight sweater and dark mid-weight khakis or jeans … and if there’s a coat involved, it should be something in the tailored wool peacoat-toggle coat territory … or a tailored tweed suit or sport jacket, if you’re fashion-forward.

Tie it right. This doesn’t mean your scarf tying has to be a work of art, but there is a right way and a wrong way, considering the heft of said chunky scarf. The wrong way? A fat knot at the neck like your mom did when you were 4 years old (no offense Mom). The right way — think more of an ascot or a European (get it in 4 easy steps here at Ziamoda).

Keep it neutral. While some color and pattern is permissible when in doubt, muted is best this season. Most scarves we’re seeing are about a ribbed or cable knit texture, or a texture-based pattern like the tweedy look in the scarf pictured above. While a plain gray scarf may seem dull, think of it this way — you’ll get more for your money by having a scarf that goes with just about everything.

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