Guest Post: Five Designers Every Man Should Know

The following is a guest post from our friends at See Jack Shop

Fashion design and walking the red carpet is no longer limited to the women of Hollywood. Fashion in today’s world is equally important to men. It isn’t just celebrities anymore either, average men going out with their wives for dinner care just as much as the Celebrity Stars hitting the clubs of Vegas or LA. So where does the average guy start? These five designers are a good place to begin your hunt for great fashion ideas.

Armani is the undisputed king of suits, with a classic cut and style that transcends trends (and will set you back an easy $2,500+). Most of the tuxedos on the red carpet are Armani.

Gucci is a great place to begin looking for accessories. That’s right, even guys need accessories. Whether it’s just the right belt or murse (aka “Man Bag”), the right accessory can help tie your outfit together. The Italian label, which started out in the 19th century making accessories for horsemen, also gives Armani a run for it’s money when it comes to men’s suits.

Ralph Lauren is another starting place for men who want to expand their fashion knowledge, especially when it comes to classic American Sportswear. Ralph Lauren paved the way for many other designers but still maintains a stronghold on men’s fashion. Every man should have a least one classic Polo shirt (with the little polo player on the chest) in their closet. Here’s a tip: you can find Ralph Lauren polo shirts at your local Marshalls.

Hugo Boss is sort of like the German Ralph Lauren, except much more tailored and formal. The brand is perfect for guys who are a bit on the skinnier side (if you’ve got back or linebacker thighs this brand isn’t for you).

Calvin Klein is an iconic American designer that should be tops on your list, for no other reason than it is one of the most accessible men’s fashion brands covering everything from underwear to cologne to over coats. Besides Ralph Lauren, he is one of a handful of designers that has a fashion forward Big & Tall collection.

These five designers are a good place to start for every man, and can help every man that may need a little help in his closet. The days of wearing Levi’s and a T-shirt out on the town are over.

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