Guerilla Gardening: Go Green

A new trend is afoot in the gardening world, and it’s spreadin like squash! Eco-warriors are banning together, stealth-style, to transform public spaces from grim to green. It’s called Guerilla Gardening, and it’s quickly becoming the new hobby of environmentally conscious consumers. With their “weapons of mass beautification” in hand, so-called guerilla gardeners essentially squat on neglected public spaces, turning dirt plots into brightly colored flower gardens.

Guerilla gardeners strike at night, literally transforming a once blah space into beautiful from one day to the next. For particularly hard-to-reach spaces, seed bombs (an organic “grenade” made of seeds and compost, inserted into an empty egg shell) can be launched onto a plot of land. Let nature run its course and you just might be surprised by what that hillside looks like come spring.

Interested in starting your own covert operation or sharing your before and after pictures? Check out the Guerilla Gardening website and share news from the horticulture frontline.

Find out how to get started.

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