Sprout Your Own: Budget Grocery Tip

Sprouts are back. A staple of 1970s diets, they’ve returned with a vengeance, and for good reason. Sprouts contain many disease-preventing phytochemicals. Many sprout varieties are rich in antioxidants, protein, vitamin D, vitamin C and isoflavones. And, sprouts you grow yourself are fresher and much less expensive than those pre-packaged store sprouts. We checked our local grocery store and found that a 4 oz container of sprouts were selling for around $2. However, a package of seeds for sprouting more than 10 cups of sprouts was just $2.50, not a bad deal when you consider just how many sprouts you can get from that small seed packet.

Whether you’re interested in sprouting seeds for their health benefits, or for a fun project for you or the kids, growing your own sprouts is a healthy and delicious venture.

How to Grow Your Own Sprouts

To sprout seeds, no special equipment is required, just a jar, some cheesecloth and seeds. (Alternately, you can purchase a commercial seed sprouting containers or kits at health food or grocery stores, or on Amazon). We used two containers – a Mason jar and a clean glass mayonnaise jar to sprout seeds. Seeds can be found at health food stores or some grocery stores. Simply add 2 tablespoons of seeds to a jar and cover with about 2 inches of water, then cover the top of the jar with a piece of cheese cloth and secure with a rubber band.

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