How To Grow Out Bangs Without the Weird Phase



So you’ve decided to grow out your bangs, but you’re having nightmares about that crazy in-between phase. You know the one I mean–when your hair is only halfway grown out and you have no clue how to style it. Ah yes, been there. But, luckily there are a few great ways that you can style your hair to ease into growing it longer. In fact, there are so many ways to style it that you can mix it up everyday. Now do you feel better? Okay, let’s get to the style guidelines.

Ways to Grow Out Bangs Gracefully

1. Side Swoop

Beyonce bangs


If it’s good enough for Beyoncé, it’s good enough for us. After tiring of her bangs, which were in a short crop, she says she just used the side swoop to grown them out. Easy enough, right? It might take a few weeks to master it perfectly, but start with a small fine-toothed comb and pull your hair to one side. Right at the root where you pull it, spritz some hairspray to force it to stay to one side. You might need to use a bobby pin until it’s long enough to tuck behind your ear.

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