Greening Your Thanksgiving on a Budget, Part 2: The Table: Green Tips

Autumn is the best season in terms of decorations, in our opinion.  The colors that naturally cover the landscape can be easily moved inside to give a little holiday flare to your surroundings. For Thanksgiving, try these simple, eco-friendly tips:

Textiles: Use cloth napkins and tablecloths versus their paper counterparts.  It not only gives an air of elegance to your meal, it’s less wasteful.  Check out this great autumn-motif from Crate and Barrel. The placemats are on sale for $7.95 each and the napkins are only $3.95!  Even better: go vintage. Scour second-hand shops for placemats, napkins and tablecloths.  Don’t worry if you find something plain; you can decorate it yourself. Use colorful pieces of scrap material to cut out fall leaves and stitch to your tablecloth and placemats. Voila! Instant eco-art!

Place settings:  Don’t even think of using those tacky paper plates with turkeys on them—it’s not just bad eco-manners, it’s plain tacky! If you want to make the holidays special by using different place settings, try this: buy unique place settings at second hand stores, giving each person their own unique wine glass.  You can use old hoop earrings as wine charms! Other ideas? How about using decoupage to fancy up some plain glass plates?

Table décor: Nothing beats beautiful fall leaves, scattered down the center of your table for a beautiful eco-friendly and free decoration!  Your family and friends will be amazed by your ingenious leaf runner!  Fall food also makes for great decorations: gourds and squash strategically placed on a table or take one of your current vases and fill it with apples, persimmons and the like.

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