Greening Your Gaming System: Green Tips

Now that the holidays are over, and kids of all ages are enjoying that gaming system they had to have, let’s take a moment to chat about how you can make that must-have electronic accessory a bit more green.

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How to Green Your Gaming Gear:

1. Be Efficient: Gaming apparatus, televisions, speakers, DVD players, high definition projectors, and computers  consume a huge amount of energy, 25 percent of household electricity to be exact. Although today’s home electronics are far more efficient than their older siblings, Americans continue to consume a massive amount of power through poorly designed electronics. The next time you purchase an electronic you will use for gaming, make sure it is Energy Star certified. Energy Star is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy that identifies and promotes energy efficient products. Those products carrying the Energy Star symbol are better not only for the environment, but also your electricity bill and wallet. Online retailers are making it easier to identify which products are Energy Star Compliant. For example, at PriceGrabber, there is a filter option that allows the user to display only products that are compliant. Twenty-three percent of LCD and plasma screen televisions and 13 percent of desktop computers listed on are energy star compliant.

2. Power Down: Many anxious gamers leave their computers on standby 24-7, thus using power round the clock. A great way to “green” your electronics is to simply turn them off when they are not in use. If you would rather not spend your gaming time constantly plugging and unplugging your chargers, a simple power bar, or surge protector, does the trick by turning everything off with a simple tap of your foot or finger.

3. Recharge: If you are using handheld gaming devices, make sure you power them with rechargeable batteries. Of the 15 billion batteries produced and sold each year, most of them are disposable and only a small percentage of these are recycled. The fastest battery chargers revive AAs in as little as 15 minutes, and pay for themselves after just a few uses. Visit the Rechargeable Battery Corporation for a rechargeable battery drop-off location near you.

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