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We can safely say that about 75% of the mail we receive each day is unwanted junk mail.  We recycle every bit of it, some of it we can even compost.  But you know what chaps our hide? The fact that we have to do this at all. Why is it our responsibility to ensure that all of this marketing fluff is disposed of correctly?  If these companies never hear from us, you would think that logic would prevail and eventually they would slim down their distribution lists. It just makes good sense.  They’re not wasting their money on the printing costs, they can focus on a more accurate target market, valuable resources are saved, and we don’t have to deal with the worry of disposing of their fluff in a proper manner.

Alas, we have not been able to convince companies to remove us from their mailing lists….that is, UNTIL NOW! Now we have the super hero aimed at destroying marketing fluff frustration on our side: GreenDimes!

GreenDimes helps you take control of your mailbox back, effectively stopping over 90% of unwanted junk mail! In addition, with each subscription, GreenDimes will donate ten trees on your behalf. For $20, GreenDimes will immediately remove your entire household from dozens of lists, eliminate unwanted catalogs and will continue to monitor your account monthly.

Once you’ve signed up with GreenDimes, it will be about three months before the junk mail drops off.  This is due to the fact that most marketing-type mail is printed months in advance, so you won’t see the benefits until the next circulation cycle.

$20 gets you started.  And because sanity is worth so much more, this is the best deal we’ve come upon in a long time! 

Image courtesy of GreenDimes

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