Green Tip: Eco Your Candle

Candles offer a wonderful opportunity to save on electricity. (They also offer a wonderful opportunity for romance!) But most people still use traditional paraffin candles.  Paraffin is problematic to the environment for several reasons.  First, it’s a petroleum-based product, so it comes with all of the environmental issues we face with gas. And let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to replace your candles than it is to replace your car. In addition, because you are burning candles inside your home, candle soot can leave black marks on walls and ceilings. Worse, soot from candles can also be toxic— soot particles can travel into your lungs,and soot from some candles contain carcinogens, neurotoxins and reproductive toxins.

Replace traditional paraffin candles with more environmentally-friendly, and healthier, options such as beeswax and vegetable-oil-based candles

Buy it: Beeswax candles, Pure essential oil candles, Recycled candleholders, Soy candles, and Palm wax candles.

Or make your own environmentally-friendly candles.

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