Green Tip: Buy in Bulk

Are you the kind of person that tends to buy in small sizes, but then needs to throw away a lot of packages and containers? Not only is this more costly, but it also puts a strain on the environment. By buying bigger packages, you will not only save money, but help the environment.

* Buy cereal in a large box instead of in individual serving sizes.

* Buy juice in concentrates and use reusable containers instead of single serving packages.

* Save money by buying bottled water in a large plastic jug instead of six packs of 16 ounce bottles. Reuse plastic water bottles.

* Buy large packages of sugar and flour.

* Avoid the small boxes of raisins and buy the same amount in the 24 ounce box.

Just buying in larger packages alone reduces not only the cost, but also the amount of materials used in packaging.  Just remember, buying bigger and reusable products means lower costs to you and less harm to the environment.

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