Greening Your Thanksgiving on a Budget


More tips on how to have a green thanksgiving

Travel: Thanksgiving is a holiday that families tend to gather for, which is a great thing.  While we love for people to be budget and eco-friendly, we’re not advocating keeping families apart! Instead, try to carpool or take public transit.  Both will contribute to saving money and the environment. Small steps, right?

If you are traveling by car, be sure to follow these helpful tips from the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation:


  • Use the recommended size tire for your vehicle. Undersized tires can lose 10% of their life and waste gas.
  • Keep tires inflated at the recommended pressure listed in your vehicle owner manual.
  • Drive the speed limit. Higher speeds increase tire temperature and cause extra wear.
  • Consider buying retread tires to encourage markets that reuse old tires.

The Setting: Candlelight anyone?  Oh so romantic and even better than a CFL! Everyone has a stash of candles in their house these days, why not put them to use?  Strategically placing candles around your home lends to a special atmosphere worthy of the holidays.  Plus, we look great by candlelight! Continue the theme of using natural elements on your table, throughout your house.  Scattering fall leaves, gourds and fruit on coffee and end tables pulls the whole look together.  Take care not to have leaves and candles too close together.

Give thanks: This holiday spend some time reflecting on the meaning of Thanksgiving.  Be grateful for the land having taken care of you, just as it did for the Native Americans and the pilgrims. Right now, a farmer is out toiling the soil that will create the food you’ll be eating come spring; he’s growing the cotton that will someday find its way into a t-shirt you’ll be wearing. Be thankful for these industrious individuals who have learned the art of caring for and sustaining the environment so that it will give likewise to us.

Now, just go enjoy!

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