Green Thanksgiving Ideas: Recycle This

There are top five, top ten and top seven lists all over this interweb telling you how to green your T-day. We’ve sifted through and are recycling just for you, so you know how to be green while you get your eat on:

TreeHugger – TreeHugger reminds us there is a reason root vegetables are always on the Thanksgiving menu. They’re in season. So stock up when you head to your farmer’s market and keep making squash soups well past the big day.

SustainLane – Probably our favorite out of the box suggestion was to not leave a seat empty on your journey to family feasting. SustainLane recommends checking out Craigslist for rides or passengers before hitting the highway. And if you find a live one, so much the better for killing time in traffic.

Libby Langdon – Libby is known on HGTV as a nice-looking lady who prides herself on her table décor. Lucky for those of us not as blessed with that particular gene, she has some inexpensive and eco-friendly tips for dressing the table on turkey day. What it boils down to – go to your yard or the local park, pick up sticks, acorns, leaves or anything that’s fallen on the ground. Scatter liberally on your table or in or around your vases.

Tada! Congratulations on yet another perfect holiday.

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