Top 5 Ways to Green Your Style This Spring

What: Fashioning Change helps us green our fashion this spring with some eco-friendly tips.

What They Say: “Green fashion is about being conscious of our connection between something we buy, the environment from which it came, and the people involved in the manufacturing process,” said Fashioning Change Founder and CEO Adriana Herrera.  “This Spring we’re happy to help bring awareness to the simple things that can be done to green personal style.”

What We Say: We love the idea of being green, but sometimes the option isn’t as readily available as we would like. Here are some great tips, courtesy of Fashioning Change, that can help make it a little easier.

1. Buy Organic Cotton: Buying organic cotton prevents you from purchasing regular cotton, which uses tons of insecticides and pesticides in production.

2. Go Local: It takes lots of natural resources to produce and ship clothes all around the world. If you buy from local designers, you not only help reduce energy and fuel use, but you also support your local economy.

3. Lower the Temperature On Your Washer and Dryer: By doing this you’ll be reducing a garment’s climate change impact by 50%. By lowering the temp on an iron, you will reduce this even further.

4. Buy Ethical Clothing: Lots of the fashion industry’s workers are impoverished and working under unfair and unsafe conditions, so look for fair-trade labels and other ethical clothing/accessories.

5. Donate: Don’t throw out your old clothes, but bring them to a Goodwill or other donation spot and help those in need while preventing unneeded waste.


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