Green Shoes, Ecostiletto, and Scrabfabulous: The Budget Ecoist

The lowdown on the latest eco-friendly dish at The Budget Ecoist:

~ Have a passion for green fashion? Corso Como shoes might be just your thing—handcrafted footwear using natural materials, from a company dedicated to fair wages, ethical treatment, and fair working conditions. We call that fashion you can feel good about.

~ The Budget Ecoist takes a closer look at EcoStiletto, a website that aims to help you bring your footprint from “the size of an Ugg boot to the size of a Manolo”. They’re definitely speaking our language.

~ Recyling can be fun and creative, and here’s the proof: The Budget Ecoist gives us the lowdown on how to be Scrabfabulous with accessories made from re-purposed game pieces. Now why didn’t we think of that?

Want more eco-friendly tips? Check out The Budget Ecoist.

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