Green Jobs, Bees, and more: Web Round-Up

California’s Green Jobs Training Program via Mother Nature Network – Melissa Hincha-Ownby, MNN’s business guru, blogs about the new California Green Corps, announced by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in a press conference on Wednesday. The program will be part of CaliforniaVolunteers and is designed to train at risk individuals, aged 16-24, for a new, green job.

DIY Flower Projects via Threadbanger – We love this roundup of flower projects. It gets us in the mood for spring! Some projects require a bit of talent (crocheting, for example) while others can be done by the talentless among us (like yours truly!). Origami flowers, anyone?

Best Natural and Organic Soaps (and Why They’re Better Than Body Wash) via Sprig – If you’re ready to switch up your soap, be sure and read this guide first. Sprig offers up advice on the soaps with the best ingredients for a bargain, the purest bars for sensitive skin, the most amazing scents to start your day off right.

The buzz on backyard beekeeping via – With all the talk of bees going the way of the dinosaurs, it might not be a bad idea for those of us who like gardening, to expand our adventures into beekeeping. Read more about it and get valuable resources to see if you’re ready to get in on the buzz.

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