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Sometimes your fancy friends come over and it’s time to put away the tumblers and PBR, clean off the good china and pour a Pinot. Why not spend your hard-earned home entertainment dollars on sustaining practices of elegant craftsmanship that you can pass down to your grandchildren? Green Glass is a group of adventurers who were looking for a new business idea as one of them lamented after tossing a fine-looking wine bottle in the trash during dinner clean-up. The recycled and genteel glassware collections were born from their love of already used materials and beauty as they transformed wine, beer and other bottles into vases, votives and all manner of liquid container. There are enough options here to outfit an entire bar, but if money actually is an object, we love the majestic goblet with the Vintage pattern.

Because the goblets are made from recycled bottles, every glass has a different thickness and twist at the stem, making them uniquely yours. Even the methods in which Green Glass make the beautiful beverage holders are green; they sandblast instead of acid etching for a less harmful environmental impact. You may be saying to yourself, “Hey, this goblet has such gorgeous frosting and delicate etching, I bet I have to hand wash these!” Well, you would be wrong – as they are completely dishwasher safe.

We stumbled upon these treasures at a local green boutique, but if you’re not lucky enough to have a handy neighborhood store you can find them online as well. At fourteen bucks a pop you can splurge for a set or just enjoy a singular work of art, filled with your refreshment of choice while writing at your desk, gazing longingly out your window or watching Celebrity Circus. Hey, whatever qualifies as “treating yourself” is a-okay with us.

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